Lorena Rubio is Energy Mentor and Certified Master Method Coach in process, that helps female entrepreneurs to heal the realtionship with the mascuiline energy (in form of Man, Money, Clients, Purpose, Universe).


I have been on the spiritual path most of my life. I grew up with my paternal Catholic family who prayed at night to God and the angels.


Part of my deepest wounds were the absence of my mother and father. Which left an inner trace of unconscious fears of abandonmentand co-dependency in my life.
I turned off my spirituality throughout my adolescence when I moved to Madrid where I experienced violence emotional and physical abuse that literally broke my heart.


At this point in my life, my adolescence, I had no idea that these emotional traces would affect my relationships and money for the rest of my life.

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I abandoned all spiritual contact

until I was twenty-five years old when I moved to Amsterdam – The Netherlands. I couldn’t carry anymore the pain of my broken heart in my life. It was spirituality and the dynamics of the feminine and masculine energy that set me free in January 2017, when I hit rock bottom in an abusive narcissistic relationship and I began to wake up.

The day I chose to understand

what is self-love, was the day I was converted to spirit. I began to soak up spiritual principles, meditation practices, and the feminine and masculine archetypes helped me align myself with my true self and purpose: to be a source of love, creation, and inspiration in the world.

Masculine model of sucess

Always with goals to achieve…

From having Master of Architecture and Research Design in Rotterdam, to the prestigious corridors of Milan in Design Week, to the publication of a project in well known magazines from Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and even Japan! To be found a company in the Netherlands called The Harvesting, which would be published in a magazine with national coverage, as the innovative solution to build experience demands for creatives, with the company I got earnings of  20k per project. All of this by being one of the few with 0 work experience and having given up on the 9-5 security (work), since I started working in a supermarket so I could have a roof over my head.

I understood that by filling up my gap I attract my desire collapsing time and space

Lorena Rubio Toledo

Feminine Energy model of success

I began to apply all spiritual principles of feminine energy in my entrepreneurship and for the evolution of my soul where I found my purpose, alignment joy and happiness. I am slowly and happily building my coaching business from scratch. Trust me, a big difference!

Now, I already celebrate the successes of my clients, I feel more and more in alignment with what I do, I feel supported by the Universe, God, the spirit, and I have an extraordinary man of masculine energy as a companion by my side.


My growth continues and I am very happy about it and I would love to help you in yours, to live a healthy and empowered relationship and economic abundance and freedom with your talents. To create quantum leaps to have the life that you really dream about.

My foundations for each day are gratitude, alignment, surrender, trust, intuition, inspiration, creation and manifestation – in this order